Water Rescue Robots

Water Rescue Robots Description

The water rescue robots can be put into the water directly on the 30-meter-high bridge to carry out rescue work.

  • We are the only one in China that can achieve such excellent quality and do this dropped testing.


Its speed can reach 3 to 5 times that of normal firefighters, which can greatly improve the rescue efficiency.


At the same time, water rescue robot can be equipped with cameras and other accessories, through human-computer interaction technology, image return, timely detection of drowning and rescue.

Water Rescue Robots Features

  • Excellenr Quality

– It can use well after 30 meters dropped.

– The overall waterproof design ensures the stability of the internal structure

– 12 months free warranty with the complete after-sales service

  • Safety Design

– Jet pump for propulsion, will not cause secondary injury to persons falling into the water

-Small hole filter design can be applied to complex water environment

-One-Key Return function to ensure that the robot will not be lost in the water

  • Simple Operation

-One-handed remote control for easy operation

-The remote control interface is simple and easy to understand

  • Customizable

-OEM can be acceptable, you can customize it as your requirements

Water Rescue Robots Advantages

Improve Efficiency

Rescue robot travels three to five times faster than the average rescuer.

Intelligent Design

Automatic return by one key Automatic return after losing connection

More Safety

Jet pump type propulsion with high-density filter design can avoid secondary injury

Strong Adaptability

Adapt to the such different rescue scenarios as sea, river, lake and other water field

Simple Operation

One-hand remote control with waterproof and floating design

Excellent Quality

Can be directly plunged into the water at a height of 30 meters for rescue work

Professional Team

12 doctors to ensure the professional of product R&D and design

Rescue Solution

We are more willing and experienced to provide you with the best rescue solutions.

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Water Rescue Robots Buying Guide

A water rescue robot is a rescue equipment that is used by lifeguards worldwide.

It will help you in saving drowning people in lakes, ponds, reservoirs, oceans, floods, or any other life-threatening situations comprising deep water.

Its admiringly customized structure enables it to perform rescue missions more efficiently than common lifebuoys.

It moves with a high speed which is up to 3 to 5 times more than the lifeguards.

 A water rescue robot remote control allows it to rapidly drive the robot to the person whose life is in danger.

1. What is the structure of a water rescue robot?

water rescue robotFigure 1.  Structure of a water rescue robot

The greatest advantage of the BAIJIROBOT water rescue robot is its U-shaped structure which can benefit you in many ways.

Its U-shaped structure minimizes the resistance, helps in stabilizing the ride

and maintain the balance of a person riding on it

The drowning person can easily grab a water rescue robot due to its modified U-shaped structure.

 It can carry people of all sizes and weights.

Furthermore, it prevents secondary injuries with the help of its jet pump-type propulsion with a high-density filter design, ensuring the safety of passengers.

2. How water rescue robots help you in natural disasters?

water rescue robot

Figure 2. Role of water rescue robots in natural disasters

Suppose there is a sudden flood and a life-threatening situation has occurred where there is a chance that people may lose their life by drowning.

What will you do in that case? Swim to that person and save his life?

But these traditional techniques may take minutes to bring into action which increases the risk of life loss.

Under these circumstances don’t have to worry because the BAIJIROBOT U-shaped water rescue robot is there to assist you.

The water rescue robot’s simple remote operation allows it to drive toward the victims and its fast speed enables it to carry out rescue missions within seconds.

Moreover, it’s one key automatic return system helps it to return the starting point automatically in case the connection with the rescuer is lost.

BAIJIROBOT water rescue robot also played an outstanding role in the flood disaster in Xinxiang, Henan in July 2021.

3.What are the characteristics of a water rescue robot? 

Following are the characteristics of a water rescue robot that can help you in showing the quickest response possible to any scenario of water or climate situations.

  • This water rescue robot can be operated from a maximum range of 1200m, providing a long-range rescue.
  • A water rescue robot can move quickly to victims with a speed of 3 to 5 times more than a lifebuoy which reduces the rescue time.
  • A water rescue robot is equipped with a GPS that helps the rescuers in tracking down the robot.
  • A water rescue robot obtains power from its lithium-coated battery which provides it with long-lasting power.
  • Its safe propulsion design helps the drowning person to hold the robot and prevents secondary injuries.
  • Water rescue robots have a feature known as a One-key return system that helps them return to the shore automatically in case of loss of contact.

4. What are the adaptations of a water rescue robot?

water rescue robot

Figure 3. Adaptations of water rescue robots.

Our water rescue robots are equipped with such sensors that allow them to turn on automatically when experiencing speedy water.

 In case the robot collides with a rock in water then the water rescue robot can switch itself on the reverse mode to get back and clear out in very less time.

Our water rescue robot can last up to 67 min and has a fast speed of 26 km/hr which permits the robot to reach the victim as quickly as possible.

Moreover, our robot is the only one in China that can be thrown in the water up to a height of 30 meters and can still work normally.

5. How do water rescue robots increase your efficiency to rescue people?

water rescue robot

Figure 4. Fast-moving water rescue robot.

Water rescue robots can move at a speed of 26 km/hr which is about three to five times more than a common lifeguard, assuring the effectiveness of a given task.
Its fast speed increases the efficiency of rescue missions and you can conduct them in very less time.

Further, a water rescue robot increases the chances of survival of a drowning person as well as the rescuer.

As it is controlled by a simple remote control so you don’t have to risk your life by jumping into the deep water.

6. What are the advantages of a water rescue robot?

Water rescue robots are used worldwide by lifeguards because they can increase the effectiveness of a given task profoundly.

  • Water rescue robots replaced the old traditional methods of rescue which can take minutes to deploy.
  • Water rescue robots can perform long-distance rescue missions very effectively.
  • Moreover, it guarantees the safety of victims and rescuers and can carry out rescue missions in seconds due to its fast speed.
  • Water rescue robots give their victims the best chance to survive or you can say that a water rescue robot is an ambulance in water.

7. What are the factors of water rescue robots that attract buyers?

BAIJIROBOT water rescue solution is the only one in China that can conduct rescue tasks with the highest range of 1200m.

 A water rescue robot can be controlled easily by its simple remote control operation.

 It has a fast speed of 26 km/hr and has a waterproof, floating U-shaped structure.

Furthermore, our water rescue robot is the only robot in China that can still work normally even if it is thrown from a height of 30 meters.

The feature that attracts most of our buyers is its Automatic return system which allows the robot to reach the origin automatically in case the signal with the rescuer is lost.

8. Why should you buy a water rescue robot?

 A water rescue robot is one of those recent technologies that can help you work more skillfully as compared to the old traditional methods.

Zodiac IRB and jet ski were one of those old rescuing methods that were being used for decades.

But the main problem with these rescuing methods is that it takes minutes to deploy which increases the chances of life loss.

On the other hand, water rescue robot can conduct these rescue tasks in seconds and gives their victims the best chance to be rescued.

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