Water Rescue Equipment

Water Rescue Equipment Description

The rescue robot is a new type of intelligent water rescue equipment, which solves the shortcomings of traditional lifebuoys such as inaccurate throwing.

It can support a 30-meter-high bridge thrown into the water, and is designed with a water-touch switch for quick rescue.

The rescue robot can be equipped with professional equipment such as video recording module, walkie-talkie, life jacket, emergency lighting, etc.

China’s Shanghai, Beijing, and Sichuan Fire Brigades, the Emergency Management Department of Shandong Province, the Zhejiang Water Conservancy Department, and the Xiangyang and Xiamen Fire Brigades have been equipped for use.

The power is strong, and it can adapt to various complex water rescue scenarios such as sea, river, and lake.

Water Rescue Equipment Features

Intelligent Design:
Support functions such as one-button return, lost connection and return
Equipped with Beidou and GPS positioning function
Can independently correct the heading to ensure smooth rescue

The unloaded speed can reach 24km/h, and the manned speed can reach 2m/s (7.2km/h).
A single person can complete throwing and remote control, and can support throwing at a height of 30 meters

Easy to Operate:
One-handed remote control, the remote control is waterproof.
The course can be corrected autonomously to keep going straight
Water touch switch design, no need for manual activation

High Security:
The product adopts jet pump propulsion instead of propeller type, which greatly reduces the secondary damage during the rescue process
It has the function of returning to the lost connection to avoid unexpected situations such as equipment loss

4kW high-power motor, can adapt to the rescue of various complex waters
67 minutes of continuous battery life, can carry 150KG, can perfectly complete the rescue work

Water Rescue Equipment Advantages

Improve Efficiency

Water Rescue Equipment can travel three to five times faster than the average rescuer

Intelligent Design

Automatic return by one key Automatic return after losing connection

More Safety

Automatic return by one key Automatic return after losing connection

Strong Adaptability

Adapt to the such different rescue scenarios as sea, river, lake and other water field

Simple Operation

One-hand remote control with waterproof and floating design

Excellent Quality

Can be directly throwing into the water at a height of 30 meters for rescue work

Professional Team

12 doctors to ensure the professional of product R&D and design

Rescue Solution

We are more willing and experienced to provide you with the best rescue solutions

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Water Rescue Equipment Buying Guide

People love to go swimming in the sea and sometimes calamities like floods can push people in the water and in those times we need water rescue equipment.

Water rescue equipment is very important for the well-being of humans because it helps in saving human lives and it also helps to save the lives of rescue teams in severe conditions.

The water rescue equipment can go where rescue team members cannot and their fast speed helps in speedy rescue missions.

1.    What Is Water Rescue Equipment?

Water rescue equipment includes equipment that helps save people from drowning and can provide information about the people in danger through video and sounds.

All the people living near large water bodies need this water rescue equipment for saving people at high speed. You can use water rescue equipment in lakes, oceans, and canals.

Many manufacturers like BaijiRobots make rescue robots that help to save people from drowning in conditions when a boat or ship is damaged or in case of flooding.

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2.    What Are the Features of Water Rescue Equipment?

The features of water rescue equipment are what make it special and enhance its ability to save human lives. The key features of water rescue equipment are,

High Speed 

The rescue robots of BaijiRobots are the best type of water rescue equipment you can get because it has a speed of 24 kilometers per hour without carrying anyone.

This is quite fast and this is why rescue robots are important, they have a speed of more than 7 kilometers per hour when carrying a person.

One Button Return 

Water rescue equipment is a team member for most rescue teams and the rescue robot by the BaijiRobot has a one-button return function in which only one button makes the robot return to its starting spot.

The battery of these robots is a lithium battery that makes them work efficiently for more than an hour. You can throw them from a bridge or a helicopter from a height of 30m and they will still work fine.

Easy Operation 

Water rescue equipment has the function to save lives and it is the key feature of these rescue robots to be very easy to operate.

Anyone with very little knowledge can learn how to operate these robots to save lives.


The water rescue equipment is quite powerful as the rescue robots can carry a human weighing almost 150 kg. This kind of weight is very difficult to support by a human rescue member and that is the reason for the importance of rescue robots.


These rescue robots are safe because of their jet pump propulsion, this is why the rescue robots prevent the chances of secondary damage.

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3.    What Are the Advantages of Water Rescue Equipment?

Water rescue robots are the main robots used in the water rescue equipment, the main features make these robots best for using in rescue teams and saving lives.

Rescue robots by BaijiRobots make it easy for rescue teams to run their rescue operation and save the lives of drowning men, women, and children. The benefits that make them functional are:

  • The rescue robots are very fast they can reach the person we are trying to rescue in very less time.
  • They are easily operated and controlled by a remote control which makes them very efficient
  • The u-shaped design makes these robots very easy to hold, anyone who needs help can easily grab the robot arms 
  • These robots are safe and their jet propulsion keeps them from harming anyone and therefore saves people from any type of secondary injuries
  • These robots can be a part of rescue teams because of their ability to hold walkie-talkies, video recording options, and easy operation
  • You can use these robots in any type of water body like rivers, oceans, and lakes. They can be used in floods to save the lives of people
  • The rescue robots by BaijiRobots are made of high-quality material that makes them very durable and risk-free. You can throw them from a height of 30 meters and they will work fine after because they are made that way
  • These rescue robots are operated on the battery that is lithium-ion battery and their timing is 67 minutes which makes them a powerful source of energy
  • A professional team that is backing up this process makes sure that the robot design and working is up to date and efficient
  • These robots are the ultimate solution for people when we are trying to save people without risking any human life
  • The remote of the rescue robot is waterproof which helps a lot because these robots have to work in water

Water Rescue Equipment

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4.    Can We Get Video Recording with Water Rescue Equipment?

The answer to this question is yes, you can easily get the video recording of the situation in the BaijiRobot’s water rescue equipment.

You can also get the facilities of life jackets for people who do not know how to swim. Lights and walkie-talkies with the rescue robot make it the most useful water rescue equipment.

Lights can help in the dark and video recording can give us information about places humans cannot enter but the rescue robot due to its smart design can give us insights into these places.


5.    How to Control the Water Rescue Equipment?

Water rescue equipment by BaijiRobots can be controlled easily by a remote control that works at a distance of 1200 meters. This remote control can make the process of rescuing possible by saving lives.

The remote control of BaijiRobot rescue robots has a special water-resistant feature that makes it perfect. It can work as far as 1200 meters distance to save anyone also the remote is very easy to use so that anyone can easily operate the robot.


6.    What Should Be the Shape of Water Rescue Equipment?

The shape of water rescue equipment has to be according to the human body so that we can use this equipment to save lives without any secondary damage.

The shape of robots used to save people from drowning has to be:

U-Shaped Rescue Robot

U-shaped water rescue equipment is the best to save people in water because of its high speed and the shape which supports the human body.

Water Rescue Equipment

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7.    What Is the Secondary Injury That Could Be Avoided by Using Proper Water Rescue Equipment?

When a rescue worker or equipment reaches the person who needs help, the damage or any injury caused in the rescue process is called secondary injury.

Baiji robot uses a type of propulsion that is like a pump and it is the reason why baiji robots cannot cause secondary injuries.

The robots that have propeller type of pumps in water rescue equipment causes injuries and are not safe.

Using u-shaped rescue robots by BaijiRobots can help us avoid secondary damage or injuries because of the propulsion of water design and the effective shape of the robot.

These safe-to-use robots make the rescue teams sure that no one who is being rescued by the robot can be harmed by it and the person is going to be safe and sound


8.    Can You Throw the Water Rescue Equipment in Water from Above?

Rescue robots by BaijiRobots can be thrown from above in the water, you can throw them from a height of 30 meters above in the water and they can still work efficiently.

These robots can manage in the water even if you did not throw them accurately in the water because of their intelligent design and system.

They can automatically straighten themselves and start without drowning and when the remote control hits the button they start moving toward their goal.

Water Rescue Equipment

<Water Rescue Equipment: U-Shaped Rescue Robot>

9.    How Far Can Rescue Robot of Water Rescue Equipment Go?

Rescue robots that are part of the rescue teams can go as far as their remote control’s range is and you can control these robots from a helicopter or a bridge easily.

The rescue robots of different makers have different ranges, BaijiRobots have these u-shaped rescue robots that can make a rescue happen from a remote control distance of 1200 meters.

These robots have a high speed which makes them reach the person drowning in less time making them an effective tool in rescue teams.


10. Where to Get the Best Water Rescue Equipment?

Many manufacturers make rescue robots for water rescue equipment. BaijiRobot makes the best type of rescue robot that has the best design possible for saving people from drowning.

They can help us save time because of their high speed and they can carry heavy individuals of almost 150kg weight. BaijiRobots have the best quality robots that are durable.

BaijiRobots have a whole team of professionals that make these robots according to the new trends and their machinery is up to date so that they can help the rescue teams efficiently.

The shape of this water rescue equipment is the best feature that makes anyone easily grab this robot. These robots are the sign of the future where not only humans but their intelligence can also help us save lives. 

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