Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Unmanned Ground Vehicle Description

Unmanned ground vehicles used for firefighting can replace firefighters to enter dangerous disaster sites for fire fighting and emergency rescue.

The unmanned ground vehicle is equipped with an anti-interference millimeter-wave radar that can penetrate smoke and water mist environments and can effectively detect obstacles

Using image processing technology to automatically capture the ignition point.

Transmission video latency is less than 250 ms.

It can be customized according to the rescue needs of the actual usage scenarios

Unmanned Ground Vehicle Features

  1. Super ground adaptability
  • Able to climb over vertical obstacles with a height of 63cm
  • Can pass through waters with a depth of 60cm
  • Able to climb slopes with a gradient of about 35°
  1. Non-line-of-sight remote control operation
  • Equipped with a perception system that can penetrate smoke and water mist environments
  • Use image processing technology to automatically capture the ignition point
  • Transmission video delay is less than 250 ms
  1. Abundant Power System
  • High-capacity and high-efficiency lithium battery pack
  • Able to drag 4 full fire hoses and walk 100 meters
  1. Customizable
  • Various functional tops can be replaced and added according to the rescue needs of the actual use scene.
  • We have customized robots for firefighting and smoke exhausting, anti-terrorism and rioting robots, unmanned combat vehicles, nuclear environmental inspection and other robots for customers

Unmanned Ground Vehicle Advantages

Improve Efficiency

Unmanned Ground Vehicle can quickly enter the fire rescue scene

Intelligent Design

Unmanned Ground Vehicle equipped Anti-jamming Millimeter Wave Radar Detection can quickly find the ignition point

Protect Firefighters

Unmanned Ground Vehicle can replace firefighters to enter the explosive environment

Strong Adaptability

The vertical obstacle height is up to 63cm, and the 35-degree slope can be climbed

Simple Operation

Unmanned Ground Vehicle can non-line-of-sight remote control operation

Excellent Quality

Unmanned Ground Vehicle can cross the 63cm height obstacle vertically and 60cm depth water

Professional Team

12 doctors to ensure the professional of product R&D and design.

Rescue Solution

We are willing and experienced to provide you with the complete rescue solutions.

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Unmanned Ground Vehicle Buying Guide

Unmanned ground vehicles are a kind of vehicle that can be used in emergency areas and disastrous situations.

These vehicles include firefighter robots that are able to move in smoke and fog to help rescue teams.

These robots can move around and go to places where it is dangerous for rescue teams to go, these machines help as an important part of rescue missions and teams.

Unmanned Ground Vehicle - firefighting robot

<Unmanned Ground Vehicles-Firefighting Robot>

1.    What Are Unmanned Ground Vehicles?

Unmanned ground vehicles are vehicles that can move without someone in it. These unmanned vehicles can help in many situations where it is not safe for human and rescue teams to go.

These vehicles have different sensors attached to them and many of them are remote-controlled which helps in the swift movement and working of these vehicles.

An example of an unmanned ground vehicle is a firefighter robot that can help in extinguishing fires by helping the rescue teams.   

These robots can play a very important role as a member of rescue teams by going where the situation is not favorable for a human rescue team to go due to the possibility of collapsing buildings or inflammable substances.

2.    How Can We Use Unmanned Ground Vehicles?

The unmanned ground vehicle can be used in situations when we want to do rescue operations in areas where it is dangerous for humans to enter and carry out a rescue.

Firefighter robots are the biggest example of unmanned ground vehicles that can put out fires and help in the rescue of people in danger, they can also be used for sanitation and killing the germs of any like in the case of COVID-19 the unmanned disinfection robot were of great help.

These vehicles can be used to save the lives of rescue teams because they can easily enter places where humans cannot go due to the risks to their lives or burning risks.

These unmanned ground vehicles are used in many ways by military and civilian rescue teams and activities which make them a valuable source of rescue equipment for humans.

The unmanned ground vehicles can be used in agriculture, mining, manufacturing, supply chains, and anything else that you can think of to save manpower and rescuers.

3.    How to Control Unmanned Ground Vehicles?

Unmanned ground vehicles can be controlled with remote control from a distance. This feature is very helpful in the functioning of unmanned ground vehicles like firefighter robots.

These firefighter robots can be operated with remote control from a distance which makes them effective rescue team members that with speed carry out the rescue operation and extinguish fires.

4.    Is It Possible to Customize the Unmanned Ground Vehicles?

The unmanned ground vehicles like firefighter robots are the type of machinery that helps when you need the help most and in these cases, you might need a little more than these robots provide therefore there is the option of customization available for you.

You can get these robots customized according to the nature of the problem you are facing. You can use the image processing technology in these robots that help in the effective working of these robots.

Unmanned ground vehicles can also be used to sanitize the area by spraying chemicals. In this way transmit of many diseases can be stopped by killing most of the microbes laying around.

Unmanned Ground Vehicle - firefighting robot chassis

<Unmanned Ground Vehicles-Firefighting Robot Chassis>

5.    What Is the Speed of Unmanned Ground Vehicles?

You can see that these firefighter robots that are used as unmanned ground vehicles weigh almost 1250 kilograms, which is quite a weight needed to move the body of these robots and also the water tanks that it takes within.

This much weight is the reason for the water tanks it holds and the strong metal body of these firefighter robots.  These robots are able to cool themselves in cases of high temperatures which makes them able to work in very high temperatures too.

6.    Can You Use Unmanned Ground Vehicles in Military Services?

The answer to this question is yes. The unmanned ground vehicles can be easily used in military rescue operations and in areas where there is a chance of hidden explosives.

When we use these vehicles for nuclear environment detection too and by doing so, we can save the lives of military personnel that can get harmed by it.

Unmanned Ground Vehicle - firefighting robot in fire brigade

<Unmanned Ground Vehicles-Firefighting Robot in Fire Brigade>

7.    What Are the Advantages of Using Unmanned Ground Vehicles?

Unmanned ground vehicles like firefighter robots are very useful items and you can get various benefits from using these robots instead of using the old methods and keeping the lives of rescue workers in danger.

The advantages of unmanned ground vehicles like firefighting robots are described below


Baijirobot uses high-quality materials and unique patented technology to ensure the stable quality of Unmanned Ground firefighting robot. Among them, Baijirobot’s firefighting robot can pass through a vertical obstacle of 63cm, and can also pass through a puddle with a depth of 60cm, ensuring the super ground adaptability of the Unmanned Ground firefighting robot.

Easy to Operate

The unmanned ground vehicle that we are using is very easy to use, and this is the reason it is used in non-line-of-sight remote control firefighter robots.

This unmanned ground vehicle which is a firefighter robot in this case can be operated by anyone with very little training and points to follow.


An unmanned ground vehicle like a firefighter robot is the best machine that can quickly enter the scene of need and help quickly.

These firefighter robots have the capacity to store and take water from one place to another which makes them extinguish the fire in an efficient manner and the design of these robots makes them easily reach the areas where other rescue teams cannot.

Intelligently Designed

Unmanned ground vehicles like firefighter robots are designed keeping all the aspects in mind. The team of scientists has added millimeter-wave radar with anti-jamming qualities.

These qualities can help the rescue teams to detect the points of ignition and that’s how it can extinguish the fire more effectively.


The unmanned ground vehicles can climb vertically and down the slopes too. These firefighter robots are in this way strongly adaptable because of their ability to move on an obstacle height of 63cm and they can also climb on slopes of 35 degrees.

The firefighter robots that can go up and down are better because they cannot only move on plain ground but on places where the ground is broken and has hurdles too.

Rescue Solution

Unmanned ground vehicles are the ultimate rescue solutions to extinguish the fire in the case of firefighter robots. It can save time and energy for the rescue team workers and become a useful part of rescue teams.

Protection for Firefighters

Firefighter robots are a useful tool in saving the lives of rescue teams. There is always a possibility of the presence of flammable substances present in a fire and getting help from firefighter robots can reduce the chances of rescue workers getting hurt in the process.

Professional Designing Team

There is a whole team of professional designers that help in the making of these unmanned ground vehicles like firefighter robots. These teams of trained professionals make the best robots for the best outcome of results.

<Unmanned Ground Vehicles-Firefighting Robot in Field Manoeuvre>

8.    What Are the Machines That Are Used to Make the Unmanned Ground Vehicles?

The unmanned ground vehicles that are made by Baijirobot have high-temperature tires, high-quality motors, car bodies, computing units, and wire-controlled chassis. To make these high-quality vehicles certain machines are used and they are,

Die casting machines, laser cutting machines, automatic pipe cutting machines, robotic welding stations, automatic ballers, wire EDM machines, and PCB production machines.

All of these machines make unmanned ground vehicles work and come into existence. The firefighter robots are made and then tested before sending to the customers.

9.    What Is the Speed of Unmanned Ground Vehicles?

The unmanned ground vehicles that are firefighting robots in this case have a speed of 10 kilometers per hour. This speed makes these robots extinguish fires and reach with speed in places of need.

The firefighter robots that are used in rescue missions move with speed and help the people in need, you can use these to extinguish fires and save lives and infrastructure.

10. What Is the Weight of the Unmanned Ground Vehicles?

These firefighter robots are made of the car body and their tires are like tanks so that they can reach difficult areas too.

The weight of these firefighter robots is 1250 kilograms, they can carry loads of water for fire extinguishing too.

These firefighter robots can self-cool with the water they carry within and this feature can be very helpful when they are used in high-temperature environments with fires.

11. How Can Unmanned Ground Vehicles Detect Obstacles?

These state-of-the-art vehicles have an anti-interference millimeter wave radar system. This system is the reason for the obstacle detection system.

With this system, these unmanned ground vehicles can penetrate the water mists and dense smoke to detect the obstacles in the way. This is an effective function that helps in the proper use of these vehicles in states of rescue.

12. What Are the Features of Unmanned Ground Vehicles?

Unmanned ground vehicles have different features that make them effective in use and best in working. These features are

  • These vehicles are firefighter robots that are highly ground adaptable, they can move easily in areas with not a plain ground approach too
  • It can move on a slope of 35 degrees, it can also go in a depth of water of almost 60 cm
  • These unmanned ground vehicles can climb vertical obstacles of almost 63 cm in height
  • They can be controlled with a remote control in a non-line-of-sight operation
  • These have a feature of perception system that makes it to go in mist and heavy smoke and work smoothly there
  • It can capture ignition points easily with the help of image-processing technology
  • It can transmit videos with less than 25ms video delay
  • It carries an abundant power source
  • The firefighter robot is powered by a high-source lithium battery that is highly efficient and it has a high capacity to work for long periods
  • These robots can carry four hoses of water and they can walk 100 meters on one battery
  • The functional tops of these firefighter robots can be replaced according to the need of the rescue scene
  • You can get the firefighter robots customized according to the smoke exhaustion, rioting robots and anti-terrorism robots
  • These unmanned ground vehicles can be made according to be used in unmanned combat vehicles to be used in specific situations
  • These robots can also be used and made for nuclear environmental inspection

13. What Is the Maximum Distance You Can Get to Control an Unmanned Ground Vehicle with Remote Control?

The unmanned ground vehicle can easily be controlled with the help of a remote control, you can remote control this vehicle from a maximum distance of 1000 meters. The radar distance with which you can detect these unmanned ground vehicles is almost 30 meters.

The lateral overturning angle with which these vehicles can turn is 30 degrees. This helps them to move around and help in rescue tasks to their fullest.

14. Where to Get the Best Unmanned Ground Vehicles?

Many manufacturers like Baijirobots make these vehicles that are used in situations of rescue like fires and where there are chances of collapsing of buildings.

They are used to save the lives of rescue workers when there are chances of flammable substances, they are the best type of unmanned ground vehicle that can move up or down and carry water to extinguish fires too.

These can be very helpful in other types of inspections. You can contact the manufacturers to make them customized according to your need too.

Baijirobot make these firefighter robots with the help of a full team of scientists and doctors that makes sure these robots are functional and best in every way and you can use them to their fullest.

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