Smart Lifebuoy

Smart Lifebuoy Description

Smart Lifebuoy is used to replace personnel into the water to save people, solve the defects of inaccurate throwing of existing lifebuoys, improve rescue efficiency, and ensure the life safety of rescuers.

The speed in the water is 3 to 10 times that of rescuers, and it can quickly respond to emergencies.

Accurate positioning can improve rescue efficiency and chances of success.

The fuselage is made of lightweight corrosion-resistant materials and weighs only 14.6kg.

Has passed the national fire equipment and Wuhan ship life-saving equipment test report, China Classification Society CCS type approval certificate

The product can be widely used in water rescue in swimming pools, reservoirs, rivers, beaches, yachts, ferries, etc.

Smart Lifebuoy Features

1.Strong intelligence:

  • Real-time positioning, can be equipped with professional equipment such as cameras, walkie-talkies, life jackets, emergency lights, etc.
  • Correct the heading independently to ensure the accuracy of rescue
  • One-key return, no need for continuous manipulation, increasing the survival chance of rescued personnel


  • The no-load speed can reach 24km/h, which is 10 times that of ordinary rescuers.
  • A single person can complete throwing and remote control, and can support throwing at a height of 30 meters

3.Easy to operate:

  • One-handed remote control, the remote control is waterproof.
  • The course can be corrected autonomously to keep going straight
  • Water touch switch design, no need for manual activation

4.High security:

  • The product adopts jet pump propulsion instead of propeller type, which greatly reduces the secondary damage during the rescue process
  • It has the function of returning to the lost connection to avoid unexpected situations such as equipment loss

Smart Lifebuoy Advantages

Improve Efficiency

Smart Lifebuoy travels three to five times faster than the average rescuer

Intelligent Design

Automatic return by one key Automatic return after losing connection

More Safety

Automatic return by one key Automatic return after losing connection

Strong Adaptability

Adapt to the such different rescue scenarios as sea, river, lake and other water field

Simple Operation

One-hand remote control with waterproof and floating design

Excellent Quality

Can be directly throwing into the water at a height of 30 meters for rescue work

Professional Team

12 doctors to ensure the professional of product R&D and design

Rescue Solution

We are more willing and experienced to provide you with the best rescue solutions

Our News

Smart Lifebuoy Buying Guide

At present, drowning is one of the ten leading causes of death.

Almost 372 000 people lost their life by drowning every year which means approximately 42 people are dying due to drowning every hour.

To address these concerns BAIJIROBOT designed a life-saving rescue robot known as the “smart lifebuoy” which is controlled by a remote control.

Smart lifebuoy will help you save drowning people more efficiently as compared to the old methods.

Smart lifebuoy reduces the rescue time and you save lives in less than no time.

Smart lifebuoy’s advanced features and modified design helps lifeguards all around the world.

1.  In what situations is the smart lifebuoy used?

Figure 1. Smart lifebuoy   

Figure 1. Smart lifebuoy

Smart lifebuoy is a rescue robot that ensures safety, rescues people, and prevents life-threatening accidents.

Smart lifebuoy can be widely used in every situation containing deep water.

To be more accurate it is used in those public areas where drowning calamities are recurring.

It can be deployed in swimming pools, reservoirs, beaches, ponds, etc.

Our BAIJIROBOT smart lifebuoy can perform rescue tasks very effectively even in unfavorable weather situations.

Smart lifebuoy is a weather-neutral device which means it can work equally well in every adverse or harsh environment.

Smart lifebuoy greatly helps lifeguards worldwide as they don’t have to risk their life by jumping into deep water.

Smart lifebuoy gives the immediate response possible in any emergency despite the prevailing circumstances.

Our smart lifebuoy can be customized according to the given situation.

2.  How easy is it to operate the smart lifebuoy?

Our Smart lifebuoy can be operated with the help of its easy one-handed remote control operation.

You will face no hardship even when using it for the first time.

This remote control system allows the Smart lifebuoy to perform long-range rescue missions without any hurdles.

You can drive our BAIJIROBOT Smart lifebuoy up to the maximum remote control range of about 1200m.

Only a few smart lifebuoys in China offer such long-range rescue and BAIJIROBOT smart lifebuoy is one of them.

Moreover, our smart lifebuoy requires no manual activation.

Smart lifebuoy is equipped with such advanced sensors that activate it autonomously when thrown in water.

Smart lifebuoy also autonomously stays in a straight line when approaching the victim.

3.  Can smart lifebuoys perform rescue operations more quickly than lifeguards?

The answer is, yes, smart lifebuoy can conduct rescue missions a lot quicker than ordinary rescuers.

 When purchasing our smart lifebuoy one thing that concerns most of our buyers is its fast speed.

Our smart lifebuoy can move at a speed of 24 km /hr (without any load) which is about 10 times more than a lifeguard.

Meanwhile, when it’s carrying a passenger of more than 80 kg its speed becomes 7.56 km/hr which is still 3 to 5 times more than a common rescuer.

Hence it greatly reduces the chances of risk to the victim as well as the rescuer and guarantees the effectiveness of the given task.

Moreover, BAIJIROBOT smart lifebuoy is the only one in China that passed the 30 meters drop test.

Therefore, the Smart lifebuoy can still work normally even when it is thrown from a height of 30 meters.

4.  How does a smart lifebuoy carry out rescue missions?

Figure 2. Increase rescue efficiency

Figure 2. Increase rescue efficiency

When a rescuer finds out that someone is drowning at some distance they quickly reach out to the smart lifebuoy.

The rescuer then places the smart lifebuoy into the water.

The smart lifebuoy switches on automatically when deployed in water with the help of its sensitive water touch switch.

After placing the smart lifebuoy in the water you have to locate the position of the drowning person with the help of its GPS positioning system.

The smart lifebuoy can be operated easily with the help of its remote control operation.

Its jet pump allows it to drive toward the drowning person and you can drive it with the help of its remote control with just a move of your finger.

It quickly reaches that person due to its fast speed of 24 km/hr.

Once it has approached the destination point the victim will grab the smart lifebuoy.

The smart lifebuoy will then bring back the victim safely to the safest place possible.

This way, the smart lifebuoy can perform rescue tasks more professionally than a lifeguard.

5.  What activates the smart lifebuoy when it is thrown in water?

Figure 3. Water touch switch design

Figure 3. Water touch switch design

BAIJIROBOT smart lifebuoy contains no physical switch so it does not require any kind of manual activation.

The smart lifebuoy automatically switches on when it is thrown into the water.

The smart lifebuoy is equipped with a sensitive water touch switch that is designed to detect encountering water.

This feature of smart lifebuoy saves a huge amount of time for rescuers which increases the chances of survival of the victim.

6.  Which features of smart lifebuoy are most valuable for you?

Almost all the features of the smart lifebuoy are equally valuable to the rescuers.

  • The smart lifebuoy is equipped with a GPS positioning system that helps the robot reach the position designated by you.
  • The smart lifebuoy is further equipped with professional equipment such as cameras, life jackets, and walkie-talkies which are very helpful to assure victims’ safety.
  • Moreover, it contains emergency lights to give a more clear view in case the rescue task is given at night.
  • You can easily operate your smart lifebuoy with the help of its waterproof one-handed remote control system.
  • The smart lifebuoy contains jet pump-type propulsion instead of propeller type that prevents secondary damage to the victim.
  • Most importantly, it has a feature called One-key automatic return that enables it to return the origin automatically in case it is lost.
  • Furthermore, it can autonomously correct the course of its path when approaching the drowning person.
  • Its body is of a very lightweight weight of about 14.6kg and is corrosion resistant.

7.  What qualities of a smart lifebuoy can benefit you in rescue operations?

Smart lifebuoy can offer you numerous benefits in every life-threatening situation as they can carry out rescue missions in those environments where humans can’t.

  • Its fast speed enables it to reach the drowning person 5 times quicker than a lifeguard.
  • It offers long-range rescue missions of 1200m.
  • Smart lifebuoy is of small size which helps it to escape from narrow places.
  • Its U-shaped design helps the drowning person to hold it easily.
  • Smart lifebuoy’s accuracy in carrying out rescue missions is much greater than lifeguards.
  • Smart lifebuoy replaces lifeguards and can work in environments that are dangerous for humans.
  • It reduces the risk of life loss and improves rescue efficiency.
  • Its jet pump-type propulsion design prevents any kind of secondary damage.

8.  How will you recover your smart lifebuoy in case it is lost in water?

The smart lifebuoy is facilitated with a feature called one key automatic return that enables it to automatically return the position from where it started.

One key automatic return helps smart lifebuoy in case contact with the rescuer is lost.

 This feature assures the safety of the victim as it reduces the possibility that the smart lifebuoy or the victim will get lost in the expansive ocean.

9.   Why should you prefer purchasing our smart lifebuoy as compared to our competitors?

Figure 4. Smart lifebuoy in Xinxiang flood disaster

Figure 4. Smart lifebuoy in Xinxiang flood disaster

BAIJIROBOT smart lifebuoy can give you many advantages that you won’t nearly find in our competitors, especially in China.

  • Firstly at present, we are the only ones in China whose smart lifebuoy can work the same even when it is thrown from 30m altitudes.
  • Secondly, our smart lifebuoy provides a maximum remote control range of 1200m  and there are very few smart lifebuoys in china that offers such long-range rescue.
  • Moreover, our product has passed the CSS (China classification society) approval certificate.
  • Our smart lifebuoy insures your safety in natural disasters as it is testified and played a huge role in the flood disaster that took place in Xinxiang, Henan in July 2021.

Our smart lifebuoy progressive features will provide you with various advantages even with a fairly reasonable price.

10. How many problems can you solve by using our smart lifebuoy?

We designed our smart life buoy to deal with the main problems an individual can face while rescuing.

  • As you know that every second in the water counts so the main concern that BAIJIROBOT smart lifebuoy rescue solution focuses on is to make the rescue time as quick as possible.
  • When lifeguards carry out rescue missions both the rescuer and the drowning person most likely can get injured but the use of a smart lifebuoy reduces these chances to a great extent.
  • The use of smart lifebuoy in rescue operations guarantees the safety of our life-saving heroes as they don’t have to jump in the water and risk their life.
  • The accuracy of smart lifebuoy is much greater than humans and the use of smart lifebuoy prevents the chances of human error.
  • Most of all, the smart lifebuoy can perform equally well in harsh climate conditions and can conduct rescue tasks more professionally than a lifeguard.

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