Security Patrol Robot

Security Patrol Robot Description

Security Patrol Robot can be used to replace firefighters entry into dangerous places,

such as inflammable, explosive, toxic, oxygen-deficient, and dense smoke.

Perform reconnaissance tasks such as data collection, analysis and feedback.

It has the function of autonomous navigation can conduct autonomous inspection.

And can independently plan the cruise path in real time.

Mainly used for on-site environmental investigation operations in dangerous places, factory inspection operations, etc.

The remote control distance of more than 800 meters can better meet the extreme exploration of dangerous environments.

Security Patrol Robot Features

  1. 2D Flat Drawing:
  • Ability to build a geometric 2D map of the local environment around the robot in real time
  1. Real-time Positioning:
  • Can display the robot position information in real time,
  • The positioning accuracy is less than or equal to 2m.
  1. Autonomous Navigation:
  • It supports indoor and outdoor semi-automatic navigation (automatic cruise, automatic homing, etc.)
  • can independently plan paths in real time.
  1. Strong Gas Detection Capability:
  • Can detect a variety of toxic and harmful flammable gases
  • LEL, SO2, H2S, CO, O2, Cl2, etc., can be customized according to demand
  • Detection result response time≤30s

Security Patrol Robot Advantages

Improve Efficiency

Security Patrol Robot can quickly enter the detection environment

Intelligent Design

Autonomous navigation, real-time positioning of security patrol robot

Protect Firefighters

Security Patrol Robot can replace firefighters to enter harsh environments

Strong Adaptability

The vertical obstacle height is up to 200mm, and the 30-degree slope can be climbed

Simple Operation

Security Patrol Robot can non-line-of-sight remote control operation

Excellent Quality

With IP65 or above grade dustproof and waterproof design

Professional Team

12 doctors to ensure the professional of product R&D and design.

Rescue Solution

We are willing and experienced to provide you with the complete robotic solutions.

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Security Patrol Robot Buying Guide

What does a security patrol robot do?

Security Patrol Robot

Figure 1: Security Patrol Robot

A security patrol robot can do various tasks such as data collecting, entering the site, guiding the path for firefighters, and creating a real-time 2D geometrical map.

The security patrol robot is controlled by a remote with a max range of >800 meters. Powered by a highly efficient battery pack, it can provide a battery backup of >2 hours which is more than enough for performing long investigation operations. The vertical obstacle height is more than 200mm and it can climb at a max angle of 30 degrees.

Security patrol robots are highly capable of performing autonomous tasks. It can also sense and detect the presence of dangerous gasses in the environment. It can provide video transmission from a max 800-meter distance.

What is the purpose of a security patrol robot?

The primary purpose of a security patrol robot is to keep human life out of unknown dangers and collect useful information related to the task.

A lot of environmental investigation operations like on-site fire investigations are dangerous for human life. In the past, a huge number of firefighters lost their lives during the investigation. Security patrol robots prevent human lives from danger by replacing firefighters and (in case of different operations) other investigation people.

 What types of anomalies can a security robot detect?

Security patrol robots can detect toxic and harmful gasses in the environment.

Toxic and harmful gasses can not be seen by the human eye and during the investigation operations, the presence of these gasses could cause a lot of damage. A security patrol robot is equipped with different kinds of sensors that can detect and categorize those toxic, harmful, and inflammable gasses.

It can detect LEL, SO2, H2S, CO, O2, Cl2, etc. the robot can be customized according to the need, and then it can detect other specific gasses as well. The robot will respond after the detection within less than 30 seconds.

What kind of field information can a security patrol robot provide?

A security patrol robot can provide different kinds of field information including harmful-dangerous gasses, 2D geometrical field maps, data collection, real-time information, video transmission, and safe entering path.

  • Real-time 2D geometrical map: A security patrol robot can create and provide a real-time geometrical map in 2D with a position accuracy of <2m. The geometrical map contains pieces of information such as safe paths, obstacles, and site structure.
  • Video Transmission: along with a 2D map, a security patrol robot can also provide real-time video transmission that helps during the investigation operation.
  • Gas detection: Fire sites usually have different kinds of toxic and harmful gasses in the environment. A security patrol robot can detect a variety of gasses including LEL, SO2, H2S, CO, O2, Cl2, etc. Robots can inform gas detection within less than 30 seconds.
  • Semi-Autonomous Navigation: it can independently plan paths for safe entry and passage along with semi-autonomous indoor and outdoor driving. It also supports an automatic homing feature.

What’s the difference between a security patrol robot and a firefighting robot?

The firefighting robot is equipped with water hoses used in firefighting situations. A security patrol robot does not carry any water hose but it is especially used for entering the fire site.

Security patrol robots fulfill the primary purpose of patrolling the site. A fire site is just a prime example but a security patrol robot can be used in various situations where you need information before entering the site. Patrol robots will eliminate risk and danger. Patrol robots can perform reconnaissance tasks like collecting information on site, data analysis, and sending feedback.

Security patrol robots are capable of performing autonomous navigation and inspection. This feature helps the firefighters in the inspection without risking their lives.

Does the security patrol robot work autonomously?

Yes, the security patrol robot can perform autonomous inspection and it can also independently cruise a path for the firefighters.

Along with gas detection and other patrolling features, the security patrol robot is also equipped with an autonomous sense feature. This feature allows the robot to guide the entering path of firefighters. The Robot can send lifetime information to the user and as well as act independently in autonomous driving.

How much does a security patrol robot weigh?

A security patrol robot weighs 410 kg.

 What types of gas can a security patrol robot detect?

A security patrol robot can detect a huge variety of harmful, toxic, and inflammable gasses which includes:

  • LEL
  • SO2
  • H2S
  • CO
  • O2
  • Cl2 etc.

These gasses are toxic, harmful, and inflammable and because of these gasses, many firefighters have lost their precious lives. Not knowing what kind of atmosphere is inside before getting into a site is dangerous and that’s where the security patrol robots come in handy.

The Robot can detect the presence of gasses and will respond to the detection in less than 30 seconds. Not only that but the patrol robots can be customized according to the demand of the field to detect other varieties of gasses.

Can a security patrol robot dodge obstacles?

Yes, a security patrol robot can dodge and climb obstacles with a max vertical obstacle range of 200mm.

Security patrol robots can detect and dodge obstacles and they can also reroute automatically and continue on the correct route. It can also climb vertical obstacles of max 200mm and has a max climbing angle of 30 degrees.

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