Search and Rescue Robots

Search and Rescue Robots Description

Search and Rescue Robots can quickly reach the dangerous waters of the accident instead of the rescuers, and transfer the trapped people to a safe place.

Search and Rescue Robot is propelled by a jet pump to prevent secondary damage to rescued persons from the exposed propeller blades

The jet pump is equipped with a high-density filter design, which can block all kinds of impurities in the water with a diameter ≥ 1mm

The body is made of IP68 waterproof material, which is corrosion-resistant and light in weight.

Search and Rescue Robot adopts the water touch switch design, and the throwing height is up to 30m. It can be quickly thrown from the ship, the shore, or the bridge.

It has the function of self-righting, no need to flip over by remote control, which is convenient and fast.

The product is mainly used to solve the pain point of the last 200 meters of water rescue, that is, how to provide effective floating objects efficiently and quickly at the first time

Search and Rescue Robots Features

(1) Water Touch Switch, Quick Rescue:
It adopts the water touch switch design, no physical switch, it can be automatically turned on and powered on when it falls into the water

(2) Jet Pump Driven, Ensure Safety
The product is propelled by a jet pump to prevent secondary damage to rescued persons from the exposed propeller blades

(3) Move Fast, Improve Success Rate of Rescue
The unloaded speed can reach 24km/h, and the manned speed can reach 2m/s (7.2km/h).

(4) Intelligent Design, Easy to Operate
It can be operated by remote control with one hand, equipped with functions such as one-button return, Beidou and GPS positioning

(5) Accept Customization, Technical Guarantee
Customized products are acceptable, drawings and detailed descriptions are required

Search and Rescue Robots Advantages

Improve Efficiency

Search and Rescue Robots travels three to five times faster than the average rescuer

Intelligent Design

Automatic return by one key Automatic return after losing connection

More Safety

Automatic return by one key Automatic return after losing connection

Strong Adaptability

Adapt to the such different rescue scenarios as sea, river, lake and other water field

Simple Operation

One-hand remote control with waterproof and floating design

Excellent Quality

Can be directly throwing into the water at a height of 30 meters for rescue work

Professional Team

12 doctors to ensure the professional of product R&D and design

Rescue Solution

We are more willing and experienced to provide you with the best rescue solutions

Our News

Search and Rescue Robots Buying Guide

Technology is advancing day by day and humans are trying to make machines that are useful in saving the life of humanity and are important for the well-being of humans like search and rescue robots.

These robots are very important when we want to use machines to save lives and where it is difficult for humans to reach these rescue robots can help us do the work.

1.    What Are Search and Rescue Robots?

Search and rescue robots are used in the result of any disaster, some of them can even provide video of the disaster and other sensory information about the situation. 

These robots are also responsible for saving the victims for example if they are drowning, this type of technology is needed by all countries and regions for helping mankind. 

Many different types are related to different types of conditions where rescue is necessary Baijirobots have search and rescue robots for saving people from drowning and they also have firefighting robots that are useful in incidents of fire.

Search and Rescue Robots    

2.    How Can We Use Search and Rescue Robots?

We can use rescue robots easily because of their simple-to-use designs, the purpose of using the robots is to get a better view of the situation by the sensory information given by the robots that help us save the lives of both the victims and the rescue teams.

This is the main way the search and rescue robots are used. These robots are becoming an important part of the teams that are responsible for saving the lives of people in different disasters like floods, earthquakes, avalanches, and fires.

Rescue robots are used where it is difficult for rescue teams to go and rescue people, therefore the rescue teams now have these search and rescue robots as an important part of their teams to get help from these robots in saving lives.

3.    What Are the Advantages of Search and Rescue Robots?

The search and rescue robots are useful in saving lives and their features make them special and easy to use in difficult situations.

Baijirobots have search and rescue robots that have many advantages over the other rescue robots and these advantages of using the search and rescue robots are,

·   Efficiency

Rescue robots are very good at covering the distance at a much faster speed than an average rescue worker. The rescue team and control the rescue robot by remote control easily and get the search and rescue done in less time and more efficiently than a rescuer.

·   Safe

The u-shaped rescue robots by Baijirobots use the technology of jet propulsion when swimming in water which is the main feature that makes it safe for the person being rescued because of the less chance of injury from the robot.

The design of this search and rescue robot is also safe for people because it cannot cause any injury to the person being recused making it safe for use.

·       Easy to Operate

The Baijirobots are very easy to operate and it is important too because in the case of emergency these robots are used and if they would not easy to operate there are going to be more problems for rescuers than, we do not want.

· Adaptable

The search and rescue robots from Baijirobots have to ability to adapt to different situations that include rivers, lakes, sea, and in different water areas. 

· High Quality

These robots are high quality and resilient in their field. You can use these robots by throwing them in water from as high as 30 meters and they still work efficiently. 

Mostly they are dropped from the air and then controlled with the help of remote control, the quality of the material and designing of the robot make sure that it does not gets damaged while dropping from a large distance in case of emergency.

· Design

The U-shaped design of Baijirobot search and rescue robots is very useful because humans can grab it easily and it can help them from drowning.

In other types of rescue robots, design is made according to the cause they are needed like in firefighting robots small-sized robots are preferred while designing so that they can enter small spaces.

· Professional Team

The professional team that is responsible for making these rescue robots makes sure that the design and working of the search and rescue robot are on point and that it can be used for a long period to provide safety.

· Solution

Search and rescue robots are the solution to the problem created when we are trying to save someone from drowning. They can also help to access the level of calamity so that we can help the people in need.

·  Waterproof Remote

The search and rescue robots have a unique remote control with a design that is easy to use and the remote control is waterproof so that even if it is wet it can be used.

Search and Rescue Robots in water

4.    Why Do Search and Rescue Robots Have GPS?

GPS helps the robots and rescue team to know about the location and send another rescue team and robot if the first one is seen to divert or gets lost in the rescue mission. 

GPS system can help the rescue team to send the robots to the exact location so that if anyone needs help they can be tracked by rescue robots to ensure that they get help.

5.    How Can We Control the Search and Rescue Robots?

The search and rescue robots are operated and controlled by a waterproof remote controller. The remote control helps the operator control the rescue robot and send it to the people in need and drowning to save them.

6.    What Is the Shape of a Search and Rescue Robot?

The shapes of search and rescue robots depend on their function like the ones that are used in fires and some that are used in fires.

· U-Shaped Rescue Robot

U-shaped rescue robots can help in saving people from drowning in the water. The shape helps the people because they easily grab the arms of these rescue robots.

· Crawler Rescue Robot

These robots are used in earthquakes and fires because they can carry water and spray the water too and their small size helps them to enter small spaces to access the damage. The patrol robots by baijirobots are the best option for you.

Search and Rescue Robots in rescue

7.    How Does a Search and Rescue Robot Prevent Injury to the Person Being Rescued?

Search and rescue robots have cameras and they give information about the surroundings so that the rescue team can get a better view of the situation so that harm to the people who are struck can be avoided.

These robots can help to avoid further injuries and their design is created to keep people safe like in the case of a U-shaped rescue robot there is no chance of hurting the person you are going to save and the design ensures the safety of the person you are saving. 

8.    Where Can We Use Search and Rescue Robots?

Search and rescue robots are used in situations where it is dangerous for humans to help the victims because of the risks.

The common situations are when someone is drowning like in flood, fire, and even in earthquakes. You can use these robots for rescue missions and to get information about the situation easily. 

9.    Can We Use Search and Rescue Robots for Inspection?

The answer to this question is yes we can use these search and rescue robots for inspection of the area. These robots have a GPS that helps us move them from one place to another. 

These search and rescue robots are remote-controlled and you can move them according to your need. They can also be used to record the video for the inspection of the damaged area or they can deliver the live feed too.

These are the accessories that make them perfect for inspection because of their little size they can enter spaces that are difficult to access.

Search and Rescue Robots product line

10. What Kind of Energy Does a Search and Rescue Robot Use?

Search and rescue robots are normally charged and then used. There are different types of batteries used for the provision of energy to these robots. 

The Baijirobots use a lithium-ion battery to power up these robots, these batteries take less time to charge and your robot is good to go on a rescue mission.

11. What Are the Features of Search and Rescue Robots?

The key features of search and rescue robots are

  • Remote control design you can easily use with only one hand, the long-distance range of the remote makes it easy to use 
  • The presence of GPS can help the robot to find its way back after rescuing, rescue robots are also responsible to find the person being saved
  • The presence of water filters in the u-shaped rescue robot can help in the effective and long-lasting working of these robots. The water filters have to be cleaned for long time use to prevent the blockage
  • The water pump used in the rescue robot makes sure that the safe expulsion of water is possible so that the person rescued by a robot can be saved from further harm. Also if the water pump expulsion is too fast it can make the breathing of the person being saved difficult.
  • The speed of rescue robots is very fast which helps keep the person being rescued safely the speed is 26 kilometers per hour that are very useful
  • The design of this robot is U-shaped which is easy for the drowning person to catch
  • It can take up the weight of 150 kilograms which means you can save a person having as much as 150 kgs of weight.
  • The long-distance rescue robot remote control can work as far as 1200 meters 
  • The weight of a u-shaped robot is light. This is the reason it makes the rescue process easy and also helps in the speedy movement of rescue robot.Search and Rescue Robots package

12. What Is the Range of the Search and Rescue Robots?

There are different ranges of rescue robots. You can help rescue people with these rescue robots easily by remote control and the range of these remote controls differ according to the type of robot.

In a U-shaped Baijirobot, the remote control can be used for rescue to a distance of 1200 meters. 

13. How a Search and Rescue Robot Is Designed?

The search and rescue robots are designed according to the need of the rescue mission. These robots are designed by keeping some points in consideration which are

· The Adaptation of the Rescue Robot

The adaptability of the rescue robot is very important, which determines whether the rescue robot can carry out rescue in different terrains

· Range of the Remote Control

The remote control is the main method with which we can control rescue robots. The range of these robots may differ for example the rescue robot of Baijirobot can receive signals from 1200 m.

· Speed of Rescue Robot

The speed of the rescue robots is also of great importance and it is kept in view before making the design. In the case of drowning men, your robot should be high-speed so that you can save the person as quickly as possible.

· Amount of Weight

When rescuing someone with a rescue robot the weight it can carry is of great importance. The U-shaped robot that is used in saving people from drowning can carry weight as much as 150kg. 

The designs are improving and soon the robots will be able to carry more weight than drowning men.

· Water Capacity 

The robots that are used in firefighting rescue can carry water too and the improvement in designs can help keep more water in the robot to fight the fire.

· Video Inputs

The designs of rescue robots are also responsible for making and keeping the videos to provide the input that helps in the inspection of the surroundings and if anyone needs rescue operation.

14. Where to Get the Best Search and Rescue Robot?

When you want to buy a search and rescue robot to save people from drowning, I have the best u-shaped rescue robot manufacturer for you. They are Baijirobot, which is known for being the best quality search and rescue robots. 

You can get rescue robots for your rescue team for a speedy rescue in situations like floods and they can be used in oceans, lakes, and canals too to save people from drowning.

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