RESCUE ROBOT COMPETITION – Comprehensive emergency drill for the 12.5m deep water channel in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River



The Sutong Bridge is located at the Changshu Xuliujing node at the junction of the Tongzhou Sha waterway and the Baimao Sha waterway in the Chengtong reach of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The north bank is Nantong City and the south bank is Suzhou City. The water surface of Sutong Bridge is about 5.7 kilometers wide, and there are Xuliujing reefs and narrow and long sand bodies on the south bank. It is divided into the main channel and the special channel of Changshu Port. There are many thousand-ton wharves, Changshu Port barge anchorage and Yonggang special waterway. There is Langshan sand body 4 kilometers upstream of the bridge axis; Xinkaisha and Xintonghaisha are located on the north bank, and Ying Ship Port is 2 kilometers upstream of the bridge axis. The entrance and exit of the waterway, and there is the Changshu Port sea vessel anchorage downstream.

Affected by runoff and tidal currents, the navigation conditions of the bridge area of Sutong Bridge are very complex, and various river and sea ships are navigable, and the density of ships is high.

Recently, the construction of the sea crossing over the river will begin on the upper section of the Baimaosha waterway of the Yangtze River, which is less than 8km away from the Sutong Bridge. In order to ensure the smooth flow of the waterway and the safety of ship navigation during the construction period, this comprehensive emergency drill simulates the emergency response of a shipwreck accident in the waters of the Sutong Bridge, aiming to improve the ability to deal with emergencies in the waterway of the bridge area, reduce potential safety risks, and ensure the safety of sea crossing. Jiang Tunnel construction and construction safety.


Ningdaobiao 001, Ningdaoce 901, Hangxun 1105, Hangjun 15, Baijirobot U-shaped rescue robot, two inspection drones (DJI Spirit 4RTK, DJI Jingwei M300), Haixun 06830 , Communication security car.


Simulation scene: At 09:30 on June 23, 2021, a ship collided and sank between Suqiao #1 Heifu and Suqiao #2 Heifu waterway in Tongzhou Shadong Waterway, and “A” went down to Suqiao #2 Heifu waters It collided with the ascending wheel B, causing the “B” wheel to sink in the channel, which affected the navigation of the waters of the Sutong Bridge.

(1) Traffic control drill

(2) Emergency rescue of personnel

When Hangxun 1105 rushed to the wreck site for inspection, it found a person drowning in the water, and immediately put a U-shaped smart lifebuoy to participate in the rescue of the personnel. After the rescue inspection, the vital signs of the drowning person were normal.

Drilling department/team: Hangxun 1105, Baijirobot U-shaped water rescue robot

(3) The emergency response to emergencies in case of unobstructed waterway is activated

(4) Emergency survey drill in sunken waters

(5) Emergency survey drill in sunken waters

(6) Floating and throwing equipment for sunken ships

(7) Emergency dredging of waterway and survey after dredging (7) Removal of traffic control

(8) At the end of the exercise, pass in line


(Photos cannot be provided due to national security concerns)

After the exercise, industry experts made on-site comments and affirmed the emergency response capabilities of the participating units. This comprehensive drill not only tested the feasibility and operability of the emergency plan, but also provided a practical basis for improving the emergency plan. The exercise aims to improve the emergency response capability of construction ships in case of emergencies, ensure the coordination of various resources in the shortest time, avoid accidents to the greatest extent, reduce personnel and property losses, and effectively ensure the maintenance and dredging safety of the Yangtze River waterway.


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