Fire is a classic element that existed on Earth a long, long time ago.

It has many good properties (heat, energy, cleaning, etc.), but it can be very dangerous if it gets out of control.

The environment in which human beings lives may be attacked by fire at any time, which can cause serious damage to houses, vehicles, planes and ships, or cause devastating blows to the local environment.


Thankfully, we have those brave firefighter fighters, men and women who have dedicated their lives to protecting others from the flames that occur anytime, anywhere, for any reason.

But unfortunately, firefighters are only human and can also be injured or killed by ferocious flame.

The National Fire Protection Association has released a shocking set of data.

  • Last year(2021) there will be a fire in the United States about every 23 seconds.
  • Last year (2021), there were approximately 1,353,500 fires in the United States, resulting in 14,700 injuries and 3,800 deaths.
  • Last year (2021), 78 firefighters across the U.S. died from COVID-19, while 70 firefighters died from fire rescues.



Faced with such a huge number of casualties, this is why we and high-tech companies around the world are actively developing firefighting robots. These robots can replace us humans to perform very dangerous rescue missions.

The firefighting robotic system is designed with multiple firefighting rescue tasks in mind.

Including image return and real-time analysis of the fire situation on the scene when a fire occurs, as well as entering the fire scene for search and rescue, and at the same time monitoring the uncontrollable dangerous situation on the scene, so as to fully control the fire situation and perform the task of extinguishing the fire.

Conventional fixed fire protection systems have limited application areas and are generally only used in densely populated environments, such as common sprinklers and fire alarms. Such systems are useless when there is an unconventional situation, or when things like wildfires occur.

The mobile fire fighting robot fills the vacancy of the fire fighting system. It can be connected to water or foam hoses, equipped with imaging systems, millimeter-wave radars, etc., and can enter dangerous places by remote control to carry out fire fighting.

Then, the information of the fire accident scene is transmitted to the remote operator through the technology of intelligent human-computer interaction.

Below are some of the advantages of BAIJIROBOT firefighting robots.


1Super ground adaptability – Can adapt to most fire accident scene

  • Able to climb over vertical obstacles with a height of 60cm
  • Can pass through waters with a depth of 60cm
  • Able to climb slopes with a gradient of about 35°

2. Non-line-of-sight remote control operation – Can obtain the data of the fire scene and the rescue can be carried out in time

  • Equipped with a perception system that can penetrate smoke and water mist environments
  • Use image processing technology to automatically capture the ignition point
  • Equipped with intelligent positioning, intelligent sound and light alarm, intelligent spray cooling, high-definition image acquisition, two-way voice and other functions
  • Transmission video delay is less than 250 ms

3. Plenty of power:

  • High-capacity and high-efficiency lithium battery pack
  • 80km long battery life
  • Able to drag 4 full fire hoses and walk 100 meters

4. Customizable

  • Various functional tops can be replaced and added according to the rescue needs of the actual use scene.
  • We have customized robots for firefighting and smoke exhausting, anti-terrorism and rioting robots, unmanned combat vehicles, nuclear environmental inspection and other robots for customers


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