Introduced on the industrial product comparison website “Metoree”


We are happy that our professionally produced products have been introduced on Metoree website.

Metoree is an industrial product comparison site for engineers and researchers, which features more than 250 categories including measuring instruments, sensors, printing machinery, tools, and more.

What Is Metoree?
Metoree is a product and manufacturer information comparison site for researchers and engineers that introduces a wide variety of products. The site provides useful information for engineers to compare and select products and manufacturers.


Picture of Peter


Hey! This is Peter and I graduated with a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. After graduation, I have been engaged in the field of robotics. Since 2015, I have been focusing on the development and research in the fire-fighting rescue robots. It has been 7 years, I am very sure that can provide you the best solution if you contact with me.

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