Flood disaster in Xinxiang, Henan in July 2021


–U shaped water rescue robot in flood

There are two water vapor transport channels over Henan on July 21, 2021. One is the water vapor conveyor belt formed by the southeast airflow between the typhoon fireworks and the subtropical high, and the other is the water vapor conveyor belt formed by the southerly airflow guided by the strong tropical storm Chapaca.

At 3 pm on July 21, 2021, we received a notice from Changzhou City Fire Command Center to set off at 7 pm to support Xinxiang, Henan. The picture above shows that we started to detect U shaped rescue robot as soon as we received the notification.

At 4:30 p.m. on July 21, 2021, we completed all the inspections of the U shaped water rescue robot and started loading. And arrange and organize our company’s professional urban search and rescue personnel to analyze and discuss search and rescue technology to ensure that our company’s personnel can carry out search and rescue work as soon as they arrive at the scene.

After a night’s drive, we arrived in Xinxiang, Henan on the morning of the 22nd, and immediately connected with the local rescuers.

However, the extent of the local floods far exceeded our expectations.

But our rescuers did not have a trace of apprehension or timidity. Our five professional urban search and rescue personnel were divided into three teams.

One team was responsible for rescue in the suburbs of the city.

Xinxiang, Henan is close to the Yellow River, especially the water in the suburbs, the content of sediment is extremely heavy.

Fortunately, our U-shaped rescue robot is equipped with a professionally jet pump for propulsion designed and high-density filter can block various types of water impurities. So it can travel in muddy water without any problems.

The below video is of our U shaped water rescue robot and our professional city rescuers rescuing an 8-year-old child. Everything we do is worth it when we see the smiles on our children’s faces.

The second team is responsible for the rescue of Xinxiang residential area

The last squad patrols the streets and is always ready to support

After 32 hours of hard work, with the efforts of all rescuers, we finally overcame the disaster of this flood. We are very glad that our U-shaped water rescue robot can play its role in this disaster relief.


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