Disinfection Robot

Disinfection Robot Description

At the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 virus began to ravage the world, bringing with it a lot of grief and misfortune.
Disinfection robots can replace personnel to spray disinfectant in epidemic areas.
Limit the possibility of virus spread.
A safe environment can be created for doctors, nurses and patients.
Reduce the possibility of cross infection.
Protect people from the hateful COVID-19.
Disinfection robots can be used before a pandemic, during an outbreak, and after the outbreak.
Keeps people safe, kills viruses on surfaces, and can effectively disinfect large buildings


  • Rapid Disinfection
  • Efficient Disinfection
  • Save Liquid
  • Durable

Disinfection Robot Features

  • Crawler Structure

The crawler structure has good ground adhesion performance and load capacity and can adapt to different terrain environments

  • Fast Disinfection

Support remote control operation, simple and fast.

  • High Disinfection Efficiency

It is convenient and quick to carry out 360° all-round disinfection by atomizing the disinfectant liquid.

  • Save Liquid Medicine

By atomizing the disinfectant liquid, the consumption of disinfectant liquid is saved.

  • Durable

Long service life of disinfection robot, less maintenance, safe and reliable system


Disinfection Robot Advantages

Improve Efficiency

Disinfection robot is 8 times that of ordinary manual disinfection

Intelligent Design

Support remote control distance greater than 100 meters

More Safety

Can effectively avoid cross-infection, especially in the face of COVID-19 virus

Strong Adaptability

Tracked structure can can adapt to different terrain environments

Simple Operation

Only need to use the remote control for simple remote control operation

Excellent Quality

Since the COVID-19 in 2020, only one of our disinfection robots has had a spray failure

Professional Team

12 doctors to ensure the professional of product R&D and design

Rescue Solution

We are willing to provide you with the complete rescue solutions

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Disinfection Robot Buying Guide

Disinfection Robot- FAQ Guide

Disinfection robots are the need of the day. All of us know that with the different types of bacteria and viruses that cause diseases we need new methods to control them too and disinfection robots are a new method to avoid infections.

Disinfection robots can try and kill all the bacteria and viruses in places where we need to protect humans from exposure to any kind of disease-causing pathogen.

1.      What Is Disinfection?

The process of Disinfection is the way we try to kill all microbes that can cause any kind of disease in a human being. 

There are different ways we can get disinfection done and disinfection robots are a recent way to disinfect places and surfaces to avoid infections and diseases.

There are different methods of disinfection and they are described below.

  • Spray disinfection method: in this type of disinfection, you can kill bacteria and viruses by spraying chemicals that are toxic for these disease-causing microbes.
  • UV Radiation: in this type of disinfection you can use a lamp that uses UV light for killing the disease-causing microbes.

This method is less toxic for humans and the light can clear the places you have to work out on to feel protected.

2.      Why Do We Need Disinfection Robots?

When there is a possibility of a deadly infectious agent that can a virus or bacteria we need something that can kill the microbe without feeling scared by that virus or bacteria.

In hospitals and places where it is dangerous for humans to work, we can use disinfection robots, these robots can clear the space by disinfection and we can easily use the space without feeling scared of infection.

Disinfection robots can spray a disinfection chemical to clean the surface or they can also spray the chemical in the air to clear the chances of infection by microbes.

You can also use a UV light disinfection robot so that you can kill the microbes with the help of UV rays and keep the surfaces and surrounding clean.

3.      What Does a Disinfection Robot Do?

Disinfection robots are known to disinfect surfaces and places with the help of humans in difficult situations like a pandemic.

Their use depends on many factors like the area we want to disinfect, the level of chemicals we can use to be on the safe side, and if you need UV rays for disinfection.

These disinfection robots can be used for cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms, hospital rooms, and even streets and markets.

Disinfecting robots is the best way to disinfect the spaces when all humans want to be in a safe space without risking the chance of infection.

Disinfecting robots can clean floors according to an effective design, like the ones made by BaijiRobots. They make the best disinfecting robots according to design as well as quality.

You can use these disinfection robots to disinfect large buildings and smaller buildings in any infectious pandemic.

Disinfection Robot

4.      What Technology Does the Disinfection Robot Uses?

There are different types of technologies available for disinfection robots but the ones that spray the disinfection solution or medicine are most effective in many viruses and bacteria like Covid19.

Atomizing Spray technology: in the disinfection robots by BaijiRobots, the technology is atomizing spray of the medicine that is sprayed at 360-degree angles. It can carry a medicine load of 70 liters which is efficient.

5.      Can We Use Disinfection Robots for Cleaning?

Disinfection robots can kill the micro-organisms that can cause diseases in humans and in this way yes they can clean but if you mean removing dust and mold from a surface the disinfecting robots cannot do that.

The main purpose of these robots is the disinfection and removal of viruses and bacteria. The robots by BaijiRobots can effectively kill these microbes by the ionization of chemical disinfectant and therefore clean the area from any dangerous microbe.

There are different types of robots available in the market that serve the purpose of cleaning and mopping dust, you can get them easily for cleaning and uses disinfecting robot for disinfection because cleaning robots do not disinfect.

Disinfecting robots are a help in the cleaning process because after cleaning you can disinfect the space to be sure that no bacteria or virus can harm you or your family members and in the case of hospitals any patients.

6.      Can We Use Disinfecting Robots in Airports?

It is the era of pandemics, Covid 19 had the world stun for years now and its effect is not coming down. In these types of cases disinfecting robots can be used in airports to keep them virus free.

Airports are a place where people from different countries and continents are coming and going, by using effective disinfection robots and measures we can save the transmission of viruses from one place to another easily.

Disinfection Robot

7.      What Are the Benefits of Disinfecting Robots in a Pandemic?

There are many benefits of disinfection robots in a pandemic when the disease is caused by a bacteria or a virus that can easily be killed with a chemical disinfectant. 

Instead of wiping every surface with your hands, you can get a disinfecting robot and it can help you so much all the benefits are below,

  • You can use a disinfecting robot and kill all the viruses and bacteria in less time by using a remote control fast-moving disinfecting robot
  • Using a disinfecting robot by BaijiRobot can give you the advantage of effective disinfection because the ionized spray of the chemical disinfecting solution, it can make the solution reach every part of the area where the disinfecting robot has been used 
  • These robots are adaptable which means they can go anywhere for disinfection and move easily on land with hurdles and stones because of their specially designed tires
  • You can easily use remote control and disinfect the area without causing any risk to a human being
  • In all other ways of disinfection more disinfection liquid quantity is needed but when you use a disinfection robot less disinfection chemical liquid is consumed making it a cheap and effective way to disinfect
  • Cleaning staff costs more than a disinfecting robot and in any pandemic robots do not require that much wage
  • In Pandemic people get scared to be infected and they need a whole personnel protective equipment which a robot does not need
  • These robots can be used in different places like hospitals, quarantine centers, and even airports for protection

8.      What Are the Features of Disinfecting Robots?

Different types of disinfection robots are present in the market and they have different features to do their work.

Features of a robot make it special and in the case of a disinfection robot the features carry a lot of importance, main features of a disinfection robot are


The shape of the disinfection robot by BaijiRobots makes it easy to crawl and move from one place to another due to the optimum size and structure of this robot.

The smart structure and shape of these robots help them move easily in larger and relatively smaller spaces to effectively disinfect the area.


This disinfection robot can adapt to different types of land when moving from one place to another. The structure of the disinfection robot by BaijiRobots can make movement easy because of the crawler used in it.

The crawler used in BaijiRobots disinfection robots can help them move smoothly in areas with stones and hurdles. Crawler also helps it to go over small slopes too so that no one has to lift it and then it can move.

Load Capacity

The disinfection robot is solid in structure and it has a load capacity of 70 liters of medicine to disinfect a large building without the need to refill. This is very helpful in disinfecting large space areas like airports.

A bigger load capacity increases the weight of the disinfecting robot but in the BaijiRobots, the weight is less than 210 kg.

Speedy Process of Disinfection

This robot can be operated through remote control, the flow rate is one to two liters per minute which shows that the BaijiRobot makes disinfection robots that are very speedy and effective.

Highly Efficient Throw

The disinfection robot by BaijiRobots can make the disinfection liquid disperse at a 360-degree angle and in this way it covers the most space around and disinfects it.

Saving Disinfection Liquid or Medicine

The method of atomizing can make us save a lot of medicine or disinfection liquid because of the right dispersion of the medicine.

BaijiRobots make disinfection robots that atomize the medicine to stop the loss of the medicine or disinfection liquid. This method makes sure that the medicine is distributed evenly and does not get wasted in any way.


Disinfection robots are used in epidemics and their durability makes them special. These disinfection robots by BaijiRobots are durable because of the high-quality material and technology used in their making.

9.      What Are the Benefits of Using Disinfection Robots?

Using robots instead of the hands of a person can bring us many benefits that are,

  • The disinfection robots are easily operated and there is no hard and fast rule in the operation. This is an advantage because everyone can easily operate this robot for disinfection
  • The disinfection robot is better than hand or manual disinfection it saves time and energy and it is highly efficient in its work, robot disinfection is 8 times better than manual or hand disinfection
  • You can disinfect an area of almost 100 meters with the BaijiRobots disinfection robot because of the intelligent design of the robot making it perfect to clean quarantine zones, hospitals, and public spaces
  • It is safe and can be used to avoid causing infection to others in the case of covid 19
  • There is a professional team that includes 12 doctors to ensure that the disinfection is accurate by BaijiRobot disinfection robots.
  • The team of BaijiRobot also provides the solution if any problem occurs in the operation of the robot.

10.  Can We Use Disinfection Robots for the Prevention of Covid 19?

Well, the answer is yes, BaijiRobots make the best disinfection robots that disperse the disinfection liquid by atomizing the solution making it reach everywhere and kill any type of microorganism that can cause disease like the virus of Covid 19.

These robots are being used in the field of Covid 19 and they appear to be highly efficient in killing the virus of Covid19.

These robots can easily be used in quarantine areas and also in hospitals too to kill the Covid 19 virus and keep the helpers healthy and save all other humans from the deadly virus.

Disinfection Robot2

11.  How Can Disinfection Robots Help in Hospitals?

Hospitals are the main bodies that handle patients suffering from different types of infections and therefore they use different methods for disinfection.

In the case of a medical emergency and the spread of infectious diseases, you can consider using a disinfection robot to be more efficient and save time.

These robots can be used for chemical disinfection in hospitals, the size and easily moving structure of BaijiRobots make them easy to move in hospitals for perfect disinfection.

12.  Where to Get the Best Disinfection Robots?

Disinfection robots are very useful tools in the age of Covid 19 pandemic. This infection has taken millions of lives around the world and no one has not heard about this disease.

Disinfection robots can disinfect bigger spaces in less time and you can get the best disinfection robot from the BaijiRobots. 

They make the best quality disinfection robots that are high quality which makes them durable and effective in every way we need.

They offer a remote control distance of more than 100 meters, and more than two hours of battery time makes these robots the best of their nature. 

These robots can contain 70 liters of medicine used for disinfection. These robots can disinfect an area of 50,000 meters square which could be a hospital or a quarantine zone with only 210 kilograms of weight.  

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