Board The “haixun 01” Ship – Rescue Robot In Action


China HaiXun 01 maritime patrol ship is the largest, most advanced, and most comprehensive large-scale cruise rescue ship in my country so far. Ship rescue for the purpose of lifesaving, marine oil spill monitoring and emergency response, responding to marine emergencies, safeguarding national maritime rights and interests, and international exchanges and cooperation are currently the most comprehensive capabilities in my country, the most advanced equipment and facilities, and have entered the world’s leading level. multifunctional large cruise rescue boat.

The “HaiXun 01” ship, as the flagship of the Yangtze River Maritime Safety Administration, was officially listed on December 21, 2021. The ship has a total length of 65m, a width of 11.8m, a depth of 4.7m, a design speed of 34km/h, a cruising range of 1300km, and wind resistance. Grade up to Beaufort level 8. The ship is equipped with advanced search and rescue law enforcement equipment such as photoelectric tracking equipment, rescue boats, intelligent drones, intelligent lifebuoys, intelligent search and rescue robots, and individual soldier equipment.

At the beginning of 2022, we received a call from the Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration, saying that we would equip our rescue robot on the “Haixun 01” ship. After receiving the notice, our team immediately organized technical personnel to discuss the feasibility plan and simulated the rescue cases in the Yangtze River Basin.

In the end, after multiple verifications by our technical team and exploration of the water conditions in the Yangtze River Basin, we decided to equip the “Haixun 01” ship with a U-shaped rescue robot and an unmanned surface vehicle, and for the complex water conditions in the Yangtze River Basin, we specially An automatic ejection device has been developed for the U-shaped rescue robot. When it hears someone calling for help, the U-shaped rescue robot can automatically activate the rescue, which is faster and more efficient.

BAIJIROBOT is a high-tech enterprise focusing on R&D, customization, production and sales of emergency rescue and special operation robots. Special industries and departments such as rescue and special operations provide more practical, reliable and economical intelligent equipment and system solutions.


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