Autonomous Fire Fighting Robot

Autonomous Fire Fighting Robot Description

Fully autonomous fire-fighting robots can replace fire-fighting and rescue personnel to enter the scene of flammable, explosive, toxic and other dangerous disasters 

And carry out fire-fighting and other fire-fighting and rescue work.

The chassis adopts an independent suspension, an integral load-carrying frame, and a six-wheel full-drive design

It can climb over vertical obstacles with a height of 63cm, and the wading depth can reach 60cm, which is very suitable for the highly unstructured environment of the disaster site

It adopts a large-capacity and high-efficiency lithium battery pack with a battery life of up to 80 kilometers.

The robot has its own cooling self-protection system to ensure that the robot can work normally in a high temperature environment of 800 to 1000 ℃.

Autonomous Fire Fighting Robot Features

1. Independent suspension chassis

  • Adopting a tank-like chassis design, it can adapt to different disaster sites
  • It can climb over vertical obstacles with a height of 60cm, and the wading depth can reach 60cm

2. Cooling self-protection system

  • The outside of the robot is equipped with a water spray system to ensure the cooling of the outer body of the robot
  • The robot is equipped with a water circulation system to ensure the cooling of the robot
  • The cooling protection system allows the robot to work well in a high temperature environment of 800 to 1000 degrees

3. Anti-jamming millimeter wave radar

  • The robot is equipped with a millimeter-wave radar that penetrates smoke and water vapor to perceive the surrounding environment
  • Ensure that the robot can normally carry out fire extinguishing, smoke exhaust, and rescue work in dense smoke and other extreme environments

4. Abundant power system

  • Using a large-capacity and high-efficiency lithium battery pack, the battery life can reach 80 kilometers
  • Can drag 4 full hoses to walk 100 meters

Autonomous Fire Fighting Robot Advantages

Improve Efficiency

Fire Fighting Robot can quickly enter the fire rescue scene

Intelligent Design

Fire Fighting Robot equipped Anti-jamming Millimeter Wave Radar Detection can quickly find the ignition point

Protect Firefighters

Fire Fighting Robot can replace firefighters to enter the explosive environment

Strong Adaptability

The vertical obstacle height is up to 63cm, and the 35-degree slope can be climbed

Simple Operation

Fire Fighting Robot can non-line-of-sight remote control operation

Excellent Quality

Fire Fighting Robot can cross the 63cm height obstacle vertically and 60cm depth water in China

Professional Team

12 doctors to ensure the professional of product R&D and design.

Rescue Solution

We are willing and experienced to provide you with the complete rescue solutions.

Our News

Autonomous Fire Fighting Robot Buying Guide

Firefighting robots are what we need in disasters and fires to help save the lives of people and rescue teams. In nowadays everything automatic or autonomous is considered better.

Autonomous firefighting robots are better in rescue operations because of their ability to rescue and firefighting any explosive, dangerous, and collapsible area.

1.    What Are Firefighting Robots?

Firefighting robots are robots that we can use in a firefighting rescue team to extinguish the fire with the use of water or it can also use foam to put out the fire.

These robots can also be used in any area that has a risk of collapsing or any area where there might be something that can explode.

These robots can be made autonomous to detect fire and put it out by their ability to work automatically.

Autonomous Fire Fighting Robot

2.    Why Do We Need Autonomous Firefighting Robots?

Autonomous firefighting robots can move to 80 km with one battery and these robots are very useful to us in saving the lives of crew members of rescue teams.

When there is a high degree of fire with the building coming down with every second it is best to save the lives of the rescue team and use these autonomous firefighting robots.

These autonomous robots can cool themselves and they can carry out the process of extinguishing fire and rescue easily.

3.    Can You Use the Autonomous Firefighting Robots in Dense Smoke?

When there is too much fire and you cannot see in that fire due to the smoke and fire particles autonomous firefighting robots should be used because of their ability to absorb and detect the smoke origin, also they are robots and therefore there is no risk of fainting or respiratory problems due to the smoke and fire particles.

Autonomous Fire Fighting Robot in action

4.    What Are the Benefit of Using Autonomous Firefighting Robots?

When you are using autonomous firefighting robots you can observe that certain benefits are,

  • These robots are easy to use, you can easily get them to do their work because of their remote control operation and automated way of detecting smoke and fire
  • These robots are high speed and they can enter and extinguish a fire in very less time
  • The autonomous firefighting robots can easily find the fire origin because of their radar detection which is very helpful in firefighting
  • You can use these robots in rescue missions instead of humans to save lives and reduce the risk to humans
  • These robots can climb on slopes as high as 35 degrees and have a height of almost 63 centimeters that makes their smooth function possible in areas that are damaged and difficult to go
  • The manufacturers like Baiji Robots that are best in making these autonomous robots also provide their aftercare when needed
  • Many doctors and researchers in Baiji Robots are making autonomous robots to make sure that their design and function are on point

Autonomous Fire Fighting Robot in factoy

5.    What Are the Features of Autonomous Firefighting Robots?

The features of a firefighting robot are the characteristics that make it different and unique so that more and more people can learn about the special characteristics and get them to help in their rescue missions. These features are,


You can use the autonomous firefighting robot in different sites of disaster because of their chassis design that looks like a tank.

It can be used in areas with a non-linear road because its design ensures that it can climb on obstacles and in-depth, it can move too. 

The autonomous firefighting robot can go over a height and depth of 60 centimeters which is an ideal height to move in difficult situations.


The autonomous firefighting robot can make itself cool in very hot surroundings by a water outlet that sprays water on its body to cool it off.

Inside the body of the autonomous firefighting robot water circulates which can help in making the inside of this robot cool making their rescue perfect.

Resilient in High Temperature

The amazing features of cooling off inside and outside the body of the autonomous firefighting robot the baiji robot are the reason this robot can work in temperatures as high as 800 to one thousand degrees.

This high temperature is very dangerous for human and rescue teams, and that is the reason for the importance of these robots because they can help in saving the lives of rescue teams and the ones struck in difficult situations.


The autonomous firefighting robots by Baiji Robots have an amazing feature of millimeter wave radar which makes it go into the smoke and foggy surroundings.

These robots can put out the fire in dense smoke, they can also help in exhausting the smoke and therefore they are of great importance in dangerous environments and fires.

High Power

Autonomous firefighting robots are highly powered by a lithium battery pack. The large capacity battery in these robots provides them with the high efficiency to move as long as 80 kilometers of distance without stopping. This high power can make them work for more time.

Water Capacity

The robots made by Baiji Robots can take four hoses of water that helps them to extinguish fire perfectly and also helps in the self-cooling of the robot body as we know they have an inside and outside body cooling feature.

outdoor Autonomous Fire Fighting Robot

6.    Where to Get the Best Autonomous Firefighting Robots?

There are many manufacturers of firefighting robots but autonomous robots that can move in dense smoke and fog can be bought from Baiji Robots. Baiji robots can easily customize the robot according to your need so that you can have the most suitable robot.

They have a range of robots for helping rescue teams and autonomous firefighting robots are one of the latest types of machinery they make.

These robots weigh 1250 kilograms and can carry a large amount of water with a powerful    battery that can cover a large distance without the need to recharge.

They have a perfect team of designers and doctors that help them to make robots that are perfect in every way they can self-cool themselves and have many amazing features that make them the best in the market.

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