Rescue Robot

Simple Operation

One-hand remote control with waterproof and floating design, don't worry about the remote control accidentally falling into the water during rescue

Excellent Quality

ONLY our rescue robot can still work normally after being thrown into the water at a height of 30 meters in China

Professional Team

Our R&D team consists of 12 doctors to ensure the professional of product R&D and design.

Rescue Solution

We are not just selling products, we are more willing and experienced to provide you with the best rescue solutions.

Improve Efficiency

Rescue robot travels three to five times faster than the average rescuer. Rescuers do not need to jump into the water and can accurately control the rescue robot route to carry out rescue.

More Safety

Jet pump type propulsion with high-density filter design, can effectively avoid secondary injury

Strong Adaptability

Adapt to the such different rescue scenarios as sea, river, lake and other water field.

Intelligent Design

GPS + Beidou real-time location ,Automatically turn on when encountering water,Automatic adjust cruise route ,Automatic return by one key,Automatic return after losing connection

BaijiRobot– Professional Rescue Robot in China

We have an independent research and development team consisting of 12 doctors, and has a very deep research on fire rescue robots.

Our U-shaped rescue robots and firefighting robots have been equipped in China’s fire departments.

Our disinfection robots have also been equipped in many medical institutions in China, which have played a great role in killing the COVID-19 virus.

While cooperating with domestic customers, we have also made many improvements to the rescue robot, making it more suitable for rescue in various scenarios.

Baijirobot product features:

  • Reduce rescue risk
  • Improve rescue efficiency
  • Strong adaptability
  • Customizable
  • Simple and easy to operate
  • Complete after-sales service system

Our Robot Product's

U-shaped Water Rescue Robot

U-shaped water rescue robot is used to replace the rescuer to rescue the drowning, and to make up for the defect that the existing lifebuoy cannot be accurately thrown into the correct position.

Firefighting Robot

In firefighting and emergency rescue, Firefighting Robot can replace fire rescue personnel to enter the scene of dangerous disasters.

Disinfection Robot

Disinfection robots can replace personnel to spray disinfectant in epidemic areas. Limit the possibility of virus spread. A safe environment can be created for doctors, nurses and patients.

About Us

Baijirobot is a national emerging technology enterprise dedicated to the professional R&D, production and sales of robots in various fields.

We were saddened to see the drowning data released by the United Nations, so we developed water rescue robots and underwater search and rescue robots. Fortunately, our gratuitous donation of water rescue robots saved many lovely lives in the flood disaster in Henan, China in 2021.

We saw the fire in Notre Dame Cathedral, and we felt very regretful. Why didn’t we develop a fire fighting robot earlier?

When people all over the world were threatened by the new coronavirus(COVID-19), our R&D team worked tirelessly for 10 days and nights, and we developed our first-generation disinfection robot, so that hard-working medical staff can get more rest.

Baijirobot is a research and development company, we continue to make progress, we hope to accompany you on the way forward, and share more stories of our growth with you

Why Baijirobot is Trusted by



Baijirobot provides complete customization of the robot design according to the customer’s drawings, applications or samples.

  • Process customization
  • Accessories customization
  • Rescue solution customization
  • Appearance color customization
  • Personalized function customization
  • Customized different applications robots,etc.

Rescue Robot –Redefining Fire and Rescue

International community generally has the following problems in fire rescue:

  1. Rescue cost is too high
  2. Rescue efficiency is too low
  3. Rescue in complex environments is extremely difficult
  4. Dangerous environment poses a safety hazard to firefighters
  5. The command center could not get the data of the disaster scene in the first time

Rescue robot can perfectly solve these problems.

There are also the following advantages

  1. Rescue robot can complete the rescue and reduce the rescue cost
  2. The speed is fast, which is dozens of times higher than traditional rescue .
  3. Access to complex environments that are inaccessible to firefighters
  4. Rescue robots can replace firefighters to complete rescue work in dangerous environments
  5. The rescue robot can feedback on-site data in the first time through human-computer interaction technology

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